Leaven, starters and intermediate products

Arôme Levain

Arôme Levain is a liquid product based on the bread leaven, produced due to the lactic-acid bacteria and kvass yeast. Arôme Levain is used for elite kinds of bread made from wheat flour, it imparts the taste and flavour of bread, produced with the use of prolonged baking technologies, to the ready-made products.

Usage benefits:
- liquid form preserves aromatic and flavouring substances;
- facilitates acidity regulation procedure;
- considerable time-saving on production of rye and wheat bread ;
- crumb with cream tint.

Content : water, fermented rye flour, acidifying agent: acetic acid, toasted malted wheat flour, stabilizer: xantham gum, flour treatment agent: ascorbic acid.

Dosage: 0,5 – 5,0 % of the flour weight
Packaging: 5 kg plastic containers

Saf Levain LV1

Saf Levain LV1 is a living culture that is represented by the combination of pure strains (lactic-acid bacteria and fresh yeast). Yeast and bacteria are blended due to joint drying of microorganisms that assures their better viability in the leaven (the method is patented by Lesaffre Company). This unique method provides the best stability of yeast/bacteria proportion.
Saf Levain LV1 is devised specially for pastry, wheat and mixed kinds of bread.

Usage benefits:
- simplification in preparation of ready-to-use leaven;
- no necessity to add yeast and renew leaven;
- high quality of leaven will provide the ready-made products with unique flavour and delicate taste.

Content: yeast for leaven, bacteria for leaven.

Dosage: 0,2 - 0,4 % of the flour weight
Packaging: 100 g vacuum sachet