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NEW PRODUCT! Kalupol emulsion to grease pans

Kalupol is an emulsion on vegetable basis for greasing pans, trays, conveyor lines. Pans’ greasing is the best alternative to oil. It is important when working with perforated and covered sheets (to avoid clogging holes).

Kalupol should be used for packaged products, including long-storage products (such as toast bread). If the pans are greased with traditional (usual) oil, it remains on the products, which is unacceptable for the products with a long shelf life (from several days to several months). Oil oxidizes very quickly and, as a result, rancid taste of the product appears.

Recommended use: apply Kalupol with a brush, roller or spray device.

Benefits of Kalupol emulsion:

  • strong antiadhesive ability;
  • no unpleasant taste, smell and color of finished products;
  • hygienic properties;
  • long term operation of equipment.

Content: water; oil; emulsifier E476.