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Dry active yeast Saf Levure™

Saf Levure™ yeast is the active dry yeast for baking and beverages’ making. Saf Levure™ yeast always makes the dough tender and puffy, and the beverages – tasty and fragrant.

Saf Levure™ yeast means:

  • perfect quality: the yeast is produced in France from the superior quality raw material using the newest equipment;
  • natural product: ecologically pure, free of preserving agents;
  • optimal result — Saf Levure™ yeast can be used for all kinds of home-baked pastry and home-made beverages, as a result the pastry becomes puffy with brown crust, and the beverages become tasty, flavoured and foamy;
  • ease of use: dissolve the yeast in warm water or milk;
  • economical use: due to the high quality of yeast the dough rises and the beverages are fermented more quickly.
  • packagePackaging:1 sachet – 50 g / 30 sachets in 1 carton, and 1 sachet - 100 g / 20 sachets in a carton
  • timeShelf life:2 years in original packing in dry and cool place
  • temperatureStorage temperature:up to +25°C.