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Dry instant yeast Saf-Moment ™

Saf-Moment ™ yeast is universal and easy to use quick-acting dry yeast for baking that has become a reliable assistant to every housewife. Saf-Moment ™ yeast makes a small family celebration out of a home-baked pastry!

The benefits of dry instant yeast Saf-Moment ™:

  • high quality: the yeast is produced from the superior quality raw material using the newest equipment;
  • natural product: ecologically pure, free of preserving agents and GMO;
  • the best result: Saf-Moment ™ yeast can be used for all kinds of home-baked pastry, as a result the dough is airy and the pastry itself is puffy with brown crust, soft crumb, pleasant taste and delicate aroma;
  • ease of use: Saf-Moment ™ yeast should be mixed with flour without preliminary propagation in the water;
  • effective and cost-efficient usage: due to high quality of yeast the dough rises 1,5-2 times more quickly;
  • storage convenience: due to the modern unique package Saf-Moment ™ yeast maintains its properties for 2 years (when stored in dry and cool place).

Please, find more information about Saf-Moment ™ yeast, tips from baking experts and many fabulous recipes for baking following the link: safmoment.com.ua

  • packagePackaging:1 sachet - 11 g / 60 sachets in 1 carton
  • timeShelf life:2 years in original packing in dry and cool place
  • temperatureStorage temperature:up to +25°C