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Inventis™ bakery mix “Napol’I Blend”

Double effect in one package:

  • Dough with high taste properties;
  • Convenience and ease of preparation.

Inventis™ bakery mix “Napol’I Blend” contains high-quality instant dry yeast, ingredients to improve the structural and mechanical properties of the dough, and other products for optimal flavor and aroma of the finished products. Inventis™ bakery mix “Napol’I Blend” makes it easy and quick to cook different kinds of pizzas: from thin and crispy to soft and rich in taste.

  • dosageDosage:take 1 pack of Inventis™ bakery mix “Napol’I Blend” at the rate of 4 kg of flour. Add flour and water. Add other ingredients of your choice and create your own unique masterpiece!
  • packagePackaging:carton box weighting 2,625 kg (15 vacuum packs of 175 g).
  • timeShelf life:12 months in original packaging. This product retains all its properties when stored in a cool dry place.
  • temperatureStorage temperature:max. 25 °C