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Inventis™ bakery mix “Piernik”

Piernik is a traditional Polish cake, which in ancient times was a symbol of good luck and wealth. Piernik’s baking process was difficult and expensive due to the use of special spices, nuts and dried fruits. Today Piernik’s baking is associated with the celebration of Christmas, though this product is an excellent alternative to cakes and pastries. Inventis™ bakery mix “Piernik” is designed for the production of flour confectionery products: pies, cupcakes, gingerbread, pierniks.

The advantages of using Inventis™ bakery mix “Piernik”:

  • wide range of products;
  • structure of the real old Polish piernik (piernik staropolsky);
  • rich imbued flavor and aroma;
  • wonderful softness of finished products and long-term freshness (2 weeks – 1 month);
  • ease of preparation, stable quality.
  • dosageDosage:100% of mix.
  • packagePackaging:paper bag with a polyethylene liner weighing 10 kg.
  • timeShelf life:9 months if stored in a sealed product packaging, in a dry and well-ventilated place, protected from direct sunlight.
  • temperatureStorage temperature:up to 25°C