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Inventis™ bakery mix “Soft’n Fresh Purple”

Inventis™ bakery mix “Soft’n Fresh Purple” is intended to prepare rich fermented products with a strong vanilla-cream aroma and taste. Ingredient content allows avoiding egg products in the recipe while getting high-quality products with optimal color and texture of the crumb. Easter and other rich recipe products with the usage of a mixture of Inventis™ bakery mix “Soft’n Fresh Purple” will have high volume, smooth surface without cracks and disruptions, even while processing flour with low gluten content. Usage of the mix allows keeping freshness of the packaged rich pastry products within 7 days.

The advantages of using a mixture of Inventis™ bakery mix “Soft’n Fresh Purple”:

  • gentle, soft and easy-to-chew crumb;
  • high softness over a long term of storage;
  • thin and soft crust of pastry products;
  • freshness extension of the puff products and pastry to up to 10 days.
  • dosageDosage:3% to the weight of flour.
  • packagePackaging:paper bag with polyethylene liner weighing 10 kg.
  • timeShelf life:12 months.