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Livendo™ bread-making liquid semi-product “Ritesa Light”

The liquid product based on fermented rye flour, used to make luxury kinds of bread from wheat, rye and rye-wheat flour, gives the finished product taste and aroma of bread baked using long-term technology.

Sourdough acidity – 80 degrees.

Usage benefits:

  • liquid form retains the flavor and aromatic substances;
  • simplifies the procedure of acidity regulation;
  • significant time saving for production of rye-wheat bread;
  • crumb with a cream shade.
  • compositionContent:water; sourdough (water, rye flour); peptized wheat flour; acidity regulators: acetic acid E260, citric acid E330; rye malt flour; antioxidant: ascorbic acid E300.
  • dosageDosage:0,5-5% to the weight of flour, depending on formula and dough process.
  • packagePackaging:plastic canister with capacity of 11 kg.
  • timeShelf life:18 months.