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Livendo™ starter LV1

Livendo™ starter LV1 is a unique product and a live culture: a combination of pure strains of live lactic acid bacteria and live yeast.

Livendo™ starter LV1 is specifically designed for rich fermented, wheat and mixed kinds of bread.

Usage benefits of Livendo™ starter LV1:

  • facility in preparation of the ready-to-use sourdough;
  • no need to add yeast and revitalize sourdough;
  • unique aroma and delicate flavor of the finished products, due to high quality of sourdough.
  • dosageDosage:0,2-0,5% to the weight of flour.
  • packagePackaging:sealed sachet weighting 100 g.
  • timeShelf life:24 months when stored in original packaging
  • temperatureStorage temperature:from 0° to -25°C.