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Record™ fresh bread-making yeast with Orange Label

Usage benefits:

  • Record TM fresh bread-making yeast with Orange Label can be used either for sponge or straight dough processes;
  • the usage of such yeast allows their considerable dosage reducing in comparison with the traditional “common” yeast;
  • ready-made products have pleasant taste and odour, high volume, a crumb with an advanced elastic pore.
  • Record TM fresh bread-making yeast with Orange Label is ideal for deep freeze technology when the content of sugar exceeds 5%: due to the increased content of trehalose, yeast cellular membrane becomes suppler and is not damaged by the small ice crystals during freezing and defrostation.

Sustained quality of yeast guarantees high volume of products irrespective of the storage period of the frozen semi-finished goods (up to 6 months at the temperature – 18°C).

  • packagePackaging:paper, corrugated box; 10 pieces 1 kg each in one box
  • timeShelf life:30 days from the date of production.
  • temperatureStorage temperature:from 0 till +4°C