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“Saf Instant Gold”™ quick-acting (instant) dry yeast

“Saf Instant Gold”™ quick-acting (instant) dry yeast is special osmotolerant yeast produced for the baking formula with sugar content of not less than 5% of the total flour weight. Due to small content of invertase enzyme in comparison with the common strain, the yeast absorbs sugar gradually. Subsequently, yeast cell preserves stable metabolism, and its fermenting power is not being damaged in the dough with high amount of sugar.

Due to “Saf Instant Gold”™ quick-acting (instant) dry yeast the stability of shape of dough pieces is improving and the proofing time is decreasing. The ready-made products have high volume and thin homogeneous porosity.

  • packagePackaging:corrugated box with 20 vacuum packs 500 gr each
  • timeShelf life:2 years in its original packing, in a dry and cool place.
  • temperatureStorage temperature:up to +25°C