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“Saf-Levure”™ active dry yeast

“Saf-Levure”™ active dry yeast is a complex product in itself. During the drying process the membrane of inactivated yeast cells that contain glutathione, appears on the yeast surface. Glutathione is a genuine reducing agent that helps to form a gluten network, and as a result, bread crumb becomes more elastic and the odour becomes stronger.

“Saf-Levure”™ active dry yeast contains active dry bread-making yeast and inactivated yeast that forms a protective (external influence) cover and guarantees stability during 2 years of storage.

  • packagePackaging:25 kg sacks
  • timeShelf life:2 years in original packing in dry and cool place. Open packing can be stored not more than 1 month without changes in yeast fermentative activity.
  • temperatureStorage temperature:from -45°C to +25°C